A Mistake To Buy Hoodithin

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A Mistake To Buy Hoodithin?

Product Description

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Hoodithin (or hoodi thin) is a liquid hoodia by Prime Life Nutriceuticals. At $59.95 per bottle, this hoodia supplement contains 250mg of 100% pure hoodia extract enough for 30 servings (about 2 to 4 weeks supply depending on usage).

The manufacturer claims this supplement to be a hi-potency, quick absorbing hoodia product.  Because liquid requires little to no digestion, there are more absorbable yielding faster and more effective hunger suppressing ability than hoodia pills.

Hoodithin's manufacturer claimed that up to 98% of the active ingredients in Hoodithin are assimilated by the body. On the other hand, only 2 to 20% of the active ingredients in hoodia pills are absorbed.

This hoodia weight loss supplement is only available to citizen of The United States of America with a short 30 days money back guarantee. 

Product Research

Hoodithin is a highly priced liquid hoodia extract made from 100% pure South African Hoodia Gordonii.

Like many other hoodia suppliers, you can easily locate the CITES and COA certificates on their site.

But what separates them from the rest is the ability for user to retrieve a copy of the independent laboratory report down to the very batch directly on their website.

Also, they employ the service of Alkemist Pharmaceutical - one of the 4 most established labs for real hoodia authentication to test every batch of their product.

Their total transparency makes them a creditable hoodia appetite suppressant manufacturer and seller.

Also, because this is a liquid hoodia supplement, it can be swallowed or mixed easily into beverages for consumption.

While this supplement seems real and creditable, its popularity is nowhere close to the 2 leading brands - Hoodia Gordonii Plus and Unique Hoodia.

Our investigation showed that Hoodia Gordonii Plus and Unique Hoodia has 5 and 3 times more users than Hoodithin respectively. Perhaps it is due to the steep pricing and limited market (America market only).

Also, this hoodia supplement falls short on money back guarantee. They only offer 30 days instead of 90 to 180 days like most reputable brands. Therefore, 3 stars to this liquid hoodia.

Unless you are a die hard fan of Hoodithin, user should try Hoodia Gordonii Plus or Unique Hoodia. If user prefers liquid hoodia, check out Hoodia Chaser (which is more competitively priced).

Still prefer Hoodithin? You can buy it via this official website: Buy Hoodithin


What Actual Customers Are Saying...

...Did nothing for my appetite..... ~ Cited from user on Amazon.com


HoodiThin is a miracle liquid. ~ Cited from user on reviewvenue.com


..tend to feel full faster and therefore eat less. ~ Cited from user on Amazon.com


Lost weight and feel more energetic. ~ Cited from user on reviewvenue.com


Family has to remind me to eat ~ Cited from user on Amazon.com


Chose hoodithin because I don't like popping pills. ~ Cited from user on reviewvenue.com


Hoodithin is excellent. ~ Cited from user on reviewvenue.com



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Ingredients and Content Per Serving

250 mg of Certified 100% Pure South African Hoodia liquid extract.

Available Packages

1) Buy 1: $59.95

2) Buy 2 Get 1 Free: $119.90 (Save $60)

3) Buy 3 Get 2 Free: $179.85 (Save $120)

4) Buy 5 Get 4 Free: $299.75 (Save $299.75)

Note: Price may change without advance notice.


Shipping Options

Standard Shipping Only with America: $9.95

Note: Product Available for US Customer Only

Payment Options

Major Credit Cards, Fax or Mail Order


Not Available

Return Policy

30 Days Money Back Guarantee


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